At Allman Consulting our team of expert coaches work hand in hand with you as we apply innovative thinking, practical
tools and procedures to increase the value of your business and help execute the right plan of action to achieve results!

Some people have dreams, some have discipline. Often visionaries find themselves without the discipline to realize
their goals, and just as often those with plenty of discipline find themselves frustrated by a lack of direction.
Coaching will help!

Ten qualities of people who work with coaches
Achievement-driven . Action-oriented . Aspiring . Committed . Confident . Focused . Goal-oriented . Motivated
Open-minded . Talented

At Allman Consulting, we serve as industry experts, business advisors, external analysts, and change facilitators.

Should your coach be a specialist?

Yes, yes, absolutely YES!! We live in a world of specialization. If you have a problem with your eyes you donít see a general practitioner. You see an ophthalmologist. The biggest disservice you can do to your business is to relegate it to the hands of a generalist. At Allman Consulting we are experts! We have trained and consulted for over 15 years in the flooring industry and have a unique group of experts with a combined knowledge and experience base equaling more than 60 years. We know your business. With our experience in the flooring industry and our years of research we have identified nearly every key aspect and issue that affects the success of a local retail flooring store.
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