At Allman Consulting our team of expert coaches work hand in hand with you as we apply innovative thinking, practical
tools and procedures to increase the value of your business and help execute the right plan of action to achieve results!

Some people have dreams, some have discipline. Often visionaries find themselves without the discipline to realize
their goals, and just as often those with plenty of discipline find themselves frustrated by a lack of direction.
Coaching will help!

Ten qualities of people who work with coaches
Achievement-driven . Action-oriented . Aspiring . Committed . Confident . Focused . Goal-oriented . Motivated
Open-minded . Talented

At Allman Consulting, we serve as industry experts, business advisors, external analysts, and change facilitators.

Why is there more interest in coaching now?

Our environment is in the midst of unprecedented change. In the flooring retail businesses management and employees are struggling to keep pace with competition, raising costs and find the right labor. We are bombarded with multiple tasks and new information 24 hours a day only to awake the next day with entirely new set of task and information. Itís no wonder that coaches are needed to create a safe environment to regroup and focus our efforts on whatís truly important to us as individuals and our organizations.
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