Do you own a business or just a job?

We know that many organizations today are operated by hard working people. We want to help you change from owning a job that controls your life to owning a business that gives you freedom and satisfaction. Consulting services aren't for every business owner. They serve only owners who have yet to exploit their business' potential. It's for owners who feel they're working too hard considering the profits they can take home. "Is this all there is you ask?" The answer "no". Allman Consulting can help you implement proven systems and programs to help you get the most out of your business organization, raising it to the next level!

How does it work?

There are two levels of consultation. The initial consultation is a financial survey of your business operation. This survey will analyze how you and your company compare with industry averages in areas of profitability. This survey will determine whether or not an in depth survey is needed. The in depth survey canvases everything in your operation from sales people to warehouse waste. We will send a consultant to evaluate and observe your operation. He/she will analyze your business, then, tailor a treatment according to your needs and goals. We focus on things that will bring the most dramatic results. The goal is to double or triple your bottom line as soon as possible!

We can:

- Discover hidden profits!
- Implement systems that cut costs!
- Structure your business to ensure peace of mind when you're not there!

With the pressure of running your store on a day to day basis and wearing several hats it is hard to take time to focus on building your business. Changing the small things can make a significant difference over time.

"When I consider the tremendous consequences of little things I am tempted to think...there are no little things"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bruce Barton

How do we operate?

We look inside the heart of your company. We look at your performance compared to the industry. We cover every detail from sales per employee to return on assets. Then we work the formulas for calculating the critical profit factors. From there we diagnose your performance and immediately recommend treatments for short and long term changes.

This is not totally painless. It takes commitment, desire and hard. However, the results are feelings of being energized, motivated, and ready to take advantage of any opportunity in front of you. Much like physicians we prescribe a new diet and exercise program for your company that will help it run faster, operate more efficiently, and with more durability than ever before.

You will start seeing a future of growth and satisfaction that will make you sit back at the end of the day and say, "This is what running a business is all about!"