Our view on e-Learning is that if it doesn’t engage it doesn’t work. We bring over 15 years of Interactive Learning design and development to the table. Every e-Learning product we create is designed with the learner in mind. We make sure that the content is what the client wants and needs and then we make sure that the experience is what the participant needs and deserves. Retention is the key! If the e-Learning participant gets bored or is not involved and engaged with the learning experience then the costs involved are wasted. Allman Consulting and Training, Inc. understands this and works hard to make sure our client’s money is used appropriately and brings them the return on investment they expect. We help our clients with custom designed courses or customize existing courses to fit their needs.
This two volume series on the basics of selling is revolutionary. Out with the old and in with the new! Learn the new process of selling. Volume one teaches you the key elements of gaining rapport with your customers and how to conduct the engaging inquiry to determine the actual needs of each individual customer. Volume two teaches you the importance of the presentation and how “the close” can really be the opening of a lifelong relationship with your customers. With this truly interactive application you will experience fully narrated and animated instructional screens. Sam Allman, CEO of Allman Consulting and Training, Inc. will help you learn the new process of selling. You will also experience exercises that are designed to involve you in the process and help you use and retain this valuable training information. This is not a one time use product, you will use it over and over again to keep your sales techniques razor-sharp! Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to print a certificate of completion, and earn CEUs through an accredited university.... $89.00 + $5.00 S&H

Customer loyalty is like the weather. You talk about it. You worry about it, but what steps are you taking to change it? This book is guide and gospel for sales professionals who want to make their mark by focusing on customer retention. We live in The Google Age. Modern customers expect solutions immediately. If you don't provide one for them quickly, they'll move on to someone else. It's called Silent Defection and it costs businesses hundreds of thousands annually simply because salespeople fail to impress first-time customers enough to entice them back a second time.

The Heart & Mind sales approach reverses silent defection by showing you how to connect with your customers on an emotional and intellectual level in order to create loyal customers for life.... $19.95 + $5.00 S&H