Sales Tip #4 Be Likeable – People Buy from People Who Like Them

Selling is nothing more than the art of getting people to like you. People buy from people whom they like. This phenomenon is called the law of affinity. It is one of the most powerful laws of influence. Trust increases as the result of being liked. Deep down, we all have a need to be liked. Many make the mistake in thinking that to be liked, we have to tell people how wonderful and important we are. The paradox is actually just the opposite. To be liked, people must know that we like them. People buy from people they like or people they think like them.

So what’s the secret in liking people, even people who are difficult and who drive us crazy? The answer is in the definition of the Anglo-Saxon word for love; “look for the good.” When we see the good in people, we treat them differently, much the same as when we like people, we usually treat them differently. Most people can tell when they are liked, disliked or treated indifferently. We can usually sense when someone truly likes us. We can perceive it through their words as well as in their attitudes and their actions.

When we like someone, we are excited to see them, to be with them and to listen to them. We want to learn about them and find out what’s happening to them. We appreciate them and even compliment them. The key to getting people to like you is to first like them. Whether we realize it or not, we do treat people differently if we like them.

When we truly like the people we are with we will: 1) Talk in terms of their interests. 2) Use their name more frequently. 3) Compliment them and use words of appreciation freely. 4) Use kind, respectful, encouraging, and empathic words. 5) Listen more intently and use clarifying sentences to gain understanding. 6) Help them spontaneously, or when called upon. 7) Be generous with our time and means.

The bottom line is, we make other people feel important when we're in their presence by our words, attitudes and actions towards them . So, how do you make people feel? How do you make customers feel? Change your strategies and you might increase your sales!

Thanks for reading.

Sam Allman
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