Tip # 11 - Love Your People

The hardest thing about being a manager or owner is sometimes you have to make very difficult decisions about people. During tough times, you may have to cut jobs, cut salaries, and ask people to do more in order for your business to survive. You may have to ask family members to look for jobs somewhere else or terminate very close personal friends.

So conventional wisdom says, don't get very close to your people. You never know when you'll have to fire them or reprimand them. Also, if your relationship is too good, they may take advantage of it and under perform. Both are common sense, but are also bad advice.

We know that good workers won't work for bad bosses. Research confirms that a good supervisor in a toxic company will buffer the toxicity from above. A great relationship with constituents improves results. Good relationships keep good performers from leaving a bad and toxic company.

Prior to many of my leadership seminars, we do anonymous employee satisfaction surveys. Inevitably, when an attendee receives bad ratings, he or she intuitively knows who gave them the bad rating. The conclusion consistently is that the relationship with this particular subordinate is weak. To improve the performance, improve the relationship.

The single most important determinant of an individual's performance and commitment to stay with the organization is the relationship with his or her immediate manager. All your constituent wants is that you value or care about them as a person.

It's amazing what people will do when they feel cared about. If I ask your people if you cared about them as a person, what would they say? Remember, caring is a verb. It consists of doing and acting. Love or caring may be the answer to your problems. How good are all your relationships?

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Thanks for reading.

Sam Allman
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