Sam Allman is CEO of Allman Consulting and Training, Inc. and is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, consultant, trainer, and author.

For almost two decades Sam has been one of the most in-demand sales speakers. Delivering high content, customized, inspiring programs in areas such as leadership, customer service, management development, team building, retail sales and personal quality management. Sam has been a featured keynote speaker for organizations in industries ranging from Technology to Retail Sales to Healthcare. He captivates his audience by using humor, enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and expertise.

Sam Allman has created hundreds of training and educational learning systems. He is a published author who contributes monthly articles to various websites and magazines.

Through Sam’s leadership, Allman Consulting and Training, Inc. has developed training departments or “universities” for major corporations that have actually visualized profits within two years. He has helped countless organizations bring their employees and managers to a higher level of productivity and performance.
Chris Coltran has worked in manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail in the sales industry for over 13 years. He has held various management and sales positions, having attained numerous awards and accolades throughout his career.

Chris is the Vice President of Sales for Allman Consulting and Training located outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The style of Mr. Coltran’s teachings is enthusiastic, motivating, knowledgeable and entertaining. Chris has worked as a corporate sales trainer for various companies, and has worked as a sales and marketing consultant to various retail businesses, manufacturers, as well as dealers in the floor covering, automotive and service industries. He attended the University of Montana with an emphasis on Business and Marketing.

He believes that everyone, regardless of their profession, has been in sales their whole life. "Everyone who has a job is selling themselves everyday, without even realizing it." In his new book, Chris illustrates that everyone should treat their customers as if they were selling to their own Grandmother.

Chris is the author of the book, "Selling To Your Grandmother." He is married with two children, and takes an active role in his community as well as volunteering his time to local charities. He currently resides in Acworth, Georgia.
Lisbeth Calandrino’s compassionate, humorous, and inspirational approach to training has made her one of the most in-demand Business Management Consultants in several industries ranging from Independent Retail Stores to Fortune 500 Corporations.

Lisbeth’s entrepreneurial spirit, extensive knowledge and expertise, allow her to move her audiences to take charge of where they are. Her passion stirs people to stretch their boundaries and expand their potential to create peak performance in their lives.

Lisbeth is a graduate of Landmark Education and is a certified NLP Practitioner. In addition, she has logged over 600 training hours with Executive Success, an international training program, whose mission is to build self-esteem while eliminating attitudes that are limiting. This enthusiasm and passion combined with over two decades as a senior level motivational coach, make Lisbeth Calandrino a dynamic and much sought-after speaker in areas such as: Gender Selling, Leadership, Retail Sales and Team Building.

She has worked with corporations such as: The Home Depot, Sears, Lowes, Armstrong World Industries, Dupont, JJ Haines, Marshall Fields, and GE Capital, have raved over the quality of Lisbeth’s trainings, seminars and materials. Lisbeth resides in Albany, New York.
Craig Allman has been training for Mohawk University since 1998. Craig has a BA degree in Psychology from Long Beach State University and grew up in the floor covering business.

Learning the business from the bottom up has helped him to understand the needs and challenges of retail storeowners and salespeople. After mastering carpet installation, he opened a retail floor-covering store at age 23 in Redondo Beach, California where he gained 15 years of experience as an owner.

Desiring new challenges, Craig entered the manufacturing side of the business. He spent 9 years as a territory manager for Salem Carpets and Mohawk Industries. His success and popularity comes from loving people and great personal stories from his life in this wonderful business.
Tom Ramsey holds a BS in Economics with a minor in Sociology and Psychology from Shorter College and an MBA from Georgia State University.

Tom served 12 years in the Georgia House of Representatives and 2 years in the Georgia State Senate.

He was Leasing Manager for Wachovia Bank in Dalton, Georgia and later the Director of Training and Recruiting for Coronet Industries, Inc. in Dalton.

Tom also teaches Economics and Leadership and Organizational Behavior on the graduate school level and Economics on the undergraduate level.
Paul Dominie is a living testament of the power that comes from attending Mohawk University. Paul started attending the classes over nine yrs ago, and has taken almost all the training available from Mohawk University.

In the summer of 2004, Paul finished his studies in interior design at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. With this new knowledge and over 17 yrs experience in the flooring industry Paul has a passion to pass along the power of what Mohawk U. can do for each person.

Paul has a vast background in the business, from warehouse, sales, management and ownership. Learning and having fun will be present during his classes. Selling and designing are important to our industry and Paul finds ways to enhance the education on both subjects. The opportunity to meet new people and develop relationships with the talented individuals drives Paul to connect with all his students.
Travis Fabrizio has worked in the floor covering industry for over 20 years. His vast experience began humbly in the warehouse. From there, he patiently worked his way into back office operations, then into sales and management, and finally ownership. This wide breadth of experience in all facets of the business allows him to utilize a very knowledgeable perspective. He is very empathetic to the unique challenges of operating a floor covering business.

In addition to his Mohawk University training responsibilities, he currently owns three flooring stores. He was recently named President of Ogden Enterprises, a franchise group of 15 independently owned retail flooring stores throughout Utah and Wyoming. Due to his ongoing involvement in all of these areas, he is very aware and up-to-date on what is taking place in the industry.

He has served on several Dealer Advisory Councils for Mohawk and other buying groups. He is also an early adopter of the latest computer technologies for optimizing business operations. He is a firm believer in Mohawk University, and enjoys the opportunity to interface with other industry professionals.
Caren McCabe’s career began in corporate finance for DuPont, Caren has always brought passion, enthusiasm and a tireless work ethic to any job. Today, as owner of McCabe Training & Consulting, LLC, Caren shares her knowledge, experience and passion with companies committed to investing in their people to achieve success.

Caren’s 18 years of experience in the flooring industry includes jobs in Customer Service, Sales and Sales Training for DuPont and Mannington. During the last 7 years of her 13 year tenure at Mannington, Caren was responsible for the design, development and delivery of product training and sales leadership programs and educational tools.

Her flagship program, “Increase Your Profitability With SUCCESS” has been delivered to retail owners, managers and salespeople at various retail and distributor events over the years. In addition, Caren was an ambassador to hundreds of customers visiting Mannington’s manufacturing facilities in Salem, NJ and High Point, NC.

She has a knack for creating simple selling stories that a retail salesperson can easily use with his/her customers. Caren has an MBA in International Finance from the American Graduate School of International Management (Glendale, AZ), along with a BS in Business Administration from Villanova University (Villanova, PA).